We’ve turned the corner into post-30 days of quarantine. You’ve watched all the Netflix; you’ve done all the pushup challenges (or not…); you’ve won and failed at parenting probably multiple times a day. And here we still are. Well, today, we’re cranking the creative gears to find smart, budget-friendly solutions for useful projects and hacks to keep you busy this weekend…and maybe even next once you’re tired of staring at screens.

A little ingenuity, very basic tools or things you might already have lying around (empty toilet paper rolls!) and an hour or two of your time are all you need to tackle those projects that might actually make your home life easier or better (both?). Grab your tools, stretch a little and let’s get to work. But first, here’s some inspo to get you started.

How to Hide Ugly Outlets & Thermostats

Hinges and some art are all you need to conceal outlets, thermostats, hanging keys…basically anything you don’t want to see. In the below video, interior designer Kyle Schuneman walks you through how to create hide-away art (as in art that hides things away).

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Small Space Life Saver: How to Build a Foldable Wall Table

Don’t have space for a permanent desk? Next best thing: An art piece-turned-table that folds away. Function AND form!

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How To Make a Standout Succulent Arrangement

Succulents cost very little but, when arranged the right way, can look like they cost 10x more than you actually spent. Here’s what to do to add more easy, impactful greenery to your space.

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How To Display Collections Without Giving Up Floor Space

One of the most unique things you can do for your home’s decor? Showcasing a personal collection, the quirkier the better. This video walks you through how to display your knick-knacks to look like you did it on purpose.


How To Create A Gallery Wall

If you’ve had it with all the art laying around you couldn’t be bothered to hang until now, here’s a quick video on the fail-proof way to hang a gallery wall.

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Get Organized With These 3 Dresser Tricks

What to do with all those empty toilet paper rolls? Organize your drawers (yes, really!) + a few more tips for using what you might already have to make some order out of your chaos.

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Retail Therapy

Armed with your new hack-spiration, you might need some things to get a move on completing them.

If you’re on a DIY roll, check out our whole DIY & Hacks category for more ideas to keep your hands busy!

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