Booker Large Outdoor Coffee Table

Booker Large Outdoor Coffee Table

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Booker Small Outdoor Coffee Table

Booker Small Outdoor Coffee Table

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Clarita Nesting Tables

Clarita Nesting Tables

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Nesting Side Tables | Indoor Nesting Table Sets

Best Nesting Side Tables

There are times when you need a lot of tables set out — and other times where those tables are just getting in the way. You’ll always have the right amount of tables when your home has Apt2B nesting tables. These sets contain two or more tables with one larger table and the rest proportionally smaller — like a table parent and its kids. When the smaller tables aren’t being used, you can perfectly slide them underneath the larger table so they aren’t taking up floor space. The top table is still 100% usable, too!

Space-Saving Side Table Sets

A modern nesting table package is ideal for smaller living rooms where you can’t always have several tables sprawled around but want them available when guests stop by. Using them together creates a cool tiered effect and ensures you have at least one “kid-size” table. They’re also great for people who like to change up the décor style from time to time. The old set of tables can easily slide into a closet and hibernate until you’re ready for them again.  

Apt2B has a variety of affordable nesting tables that offer incredible style and function. You have traditional round tables like the Quinn and Brayton sets or the sharp point of the Clarita nesting tables. If you’re worried about knocking things off the table, Burnet side tables have a lip to help stop drinks, keys and lamps from having an unscheduled meeting with the floor. Our high-quality tables ship free in the U.S. with a 100-day guarantee.

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