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Learn How to Style A Bookcase 6

Watch Kyle Schuneman's insider design tips and tricks below on how to maximize the look and functionality of your furniture and decor!

Why BoHo Chic Is Your Spirit Animal 2

Imagine you’re in the desert. The sun is bearing down on you. And then you see your spirit animal. It’s a coyote. You ask the coyote, “how should I decorate my home?” The answer arrives like a whisper on the wind. It says, “BoHo Chic.”

Glitz, Glam, and Gold - Bring The Magic of Hollywood’s Golden Age To Your Home 7

As Robert Frost once said, “Nothing gold can stay.” But Hollywood’s Golden Age begs to differ. The icons, the style, and the glamour of Hollywood’s gilded years is still going strong - and now you can have it all in your home.
  • Chris Knauer

How to Make Light Wood Tones Work Well at Home 5

For decades it has seemed like the go-to wood finish for so many contemporary designer homes has been a deep, almost-black espresso stain. Whether in a modern condo or a traditional home, a super-dark floor or furniture set does carry a certain drama and sense of sophistication. However, light wood...

Why Your Hallway Loves A Focal Point 5

A seating area or artwork in a hall can be like an exclamation point, punctuating the space with personality.


Die-hard sports fan or not, it's hard to debate our communal love for arguably the greatest sporting tournament ever created: March Madness! We noticed that most of our employees were not-so-quietly spending their workday filling out brackets and engaging in "tourney talk" so we thought it would be fun to...

Color of the Month: Yellow 5

It’s officially spring. Time for sunshine, rain showers and flowers. When we think of spring one color seems to really stand out and as such we’ve decided that this month’s color is: Yellow.

Sofa Secrets: How to Choose the Right Seat Depth and Cushions 5

You want your sofa to be super comfortable, right? That’s why you need to pay special attention to the seat cushions. Factors like seat depth and cushion fill work together to create different amounts of support and softness. Not everyone will like the same kind of cushions, so here’s how...
  • Kristy Petherbridge

Color of the Month: Red 2

Today is Valentine's Day. The day of love, red roses and delicious chocolates! So it should be no surprise that our color of the month is: RED!

Breaking the Rules: Brighten Up Without Relying on White 2

White is often held up as a cure-all for brightening dark spaces. After all, white paint brightens and lightens other paint colors, so why shouldn’t it have the same effect on a dimly lit room? For starters, it’s light that determines how we experience color.