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If your idea of being outdoorsy is sipping martinis on the patio, we might just be soul mates. At Apt2B, we love nature as much as the next person, but we prefer our outdoor experience to come with padded seating and a whole lot of style.

If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place. Take a moment to browse our beautiful outdoor living collection and find the perfect furniture or accent pieces for your next patio party. Whether your outdoor space consists of a tiny balcony overlooking a bustling city street or an expansive backyard in the burbs, Apt2B serves up a funky and fabulous selection of outdoor modern patio furniture and décor that will make you the talk of the neighborhood.

Take full advantage of the outdoor space you have — be it big or small — with outdoor sectional pieces that'll entice you and your family to spend more time there. No patio, deck or balcony is complete without a place to sit. Our patio furniture and decor bring the indoors out, no matter how big or small your outdoor space may be.

The designs in our Outdoor Living Collection feature clean lines, comfortable seats and a simple finish that won't distract from the beauty of nature that surrounds you. Best of all, virtually all the chairs in our collection are weather-resistant, so you won't have to worry about them getting weather damaged or bring them in every time it rains.

Our assortment of patio chairs includes styles with and without arms. Choose single-seat styles or options with two or three seats to accommodate your entire crew. Whether you’re looking for a sleek adjustable lounge chair for soaking up the rays or a sectional for enjoying a summer evening with friends, we’ve got high-quality, durable options for you. And if you’re really into chilling out, sink into one of our hanging chairs with an ultra-plush cushion and let the summer days swing by.

Apt2B's delightfully chic patio seating selections are strategically made to naturally shed water, so you won't ever experience the dreaded puddle seat after a rain storm. Most of our upholstered furniture is made from Sunproof fabric — a modern miracle that's undergone a specialized dyeing process to ensure rich coloration for years to come. That means your favorite bright green lounger won't suddenly take on a splotchy, sickly hue. It's also wonderfully resistant to mildew and chlorine for years of beautiful enjoyment.

Once you have a place to sit, you'll need a place to put your drink. Staying hydrated is vital when you and your family are spending your summer days outdoors. So mix up a big batch of your favorite beverage, grab a glass and settle in at your new outdoor table for family game night.

If your home is where friends and family frequently gather in the warmer weather, check out our stylish selection of outdoor dining sets. Some of our outdoor furniture tables are finished with bold colors to bring light and life to your outdoor space. Weekend barbecues and everyday dinners take on a special feel at a stylish outdoor dining set.

Your outdoor space is an extension of your indoor space — and should therefore be given the same attention to detail as your interior decor to make it feel just as cozy and inviting as your living room, bedroom or kitchen. We believe that contemporary balcony furniture and outdoor modern patio furniture should be fun and inspiring, reflecting the colors of nature and the energy of the world around you. . We don’t believe in cookie-cutter design, so mix and match colors, shapes and sizes to create a unique space that says, “This is me, baby.”

Shop our kaleidoscope of neutral to jazzy hues as well as a variety of sweet prints. Can't remember the last time you enjoyed your morning cup of coffee outside or dined al fresco on a warm summer evening? Don’t stay indoors this summer when you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner on the patio with comfy and stylish outdoor furniture that is fashioned for everyday use. We even have some great throws, so you can snuggle up and enjoy gazing up at the stars when nights turn chilly.

Shop at Apt2B for the best selection of outdoor living furniture, served up at budget-friendly prices. Choose from a variety of tables, chairs, ottomans and more in different shapes and sizes to create the perfect outdoor space for your family. All our patio furniture qualifies for free nationwide shipping and free delivery, so order today and go soak up the sun.

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