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It’s all about the leather — real, true genuine leather, not the fake stuff that cracks after a year or two. Whether it’s a classic easy chair or a modern accent style, it’s not just a place to sit. Instead, it’s deceptive simplicity shrouding quality craftsmanship.

Sit and feel the comfort. After all, that’s what furniture’s for. If it can’t deliver that baseline, then, frankly, it’s just not doing its job, and clearly not pulling its weight within your living room. Apt2B leather chairs are known for going above and beyond.

Here, you’ll notice that nature with full-grain, ultra-supple hides, and that then carries over to the supportive, upholstered construction that lets you just sink in and chill. And, topping off this list of best-of qualities, Apt2B black and brown leather chairs are made in Los Angeles, California, using eco-friendly construction — so you know where your furniture’s coming from.

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