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Maximize your slumber every night with a California king-size mattress from Apt2B. If you’ve always loved sleeping on a spacious bed, you can’t go wrong with this jumbo-sized mattress option. It’s ideal for those who really need the extra space in order to get a good night’s sleep. And since we offer a variety of mattress styles and firmness levels on our site, your perfect mattress is just a click away. Start shopping for a Cal king mattress at Apt2B to upgrade your sleep ASAP.

Spread Out for Superior Sleep

The California king mattress takes luxury to a new level with the largest dimensions of any standard-sized bed. This mattress type is made for those who love to really spread out in bed without every feeling like they’re crammed next to their partner or pushed off the edge. It’s also an particularly popular choice for families with kids or pets who like to snuggle up in the master bedroom despite having beds of their own.

Tall men and women of the world also appreciate that the California king is better suited to their height. While queen and king mattresses measure just 80 inches long, the California king measures 84 inches long to ensure that you don’t have the problem of feet dangling off the bed when you spread out to sleep.

Firm, Medium or Plush?

No matter which firmness level is right for you, we’ve got you covered at Apt2B. Our California king mattresses come in plush, medium and firm options so you get the ideal mix of support and comfort. Plus, these products are designed with advanced features that can keep you from over-heating during the night and reduce movement on the bed when other sleepers toss and turn. And did we mention the affordable prices? If you want a large bed that’s designed to suit your unique needs while still fitting your budget, shop for a California king-size mattress at Apt2B today.

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