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Looking for a quality mattress that’s also affordable? At Apt2B, we’ve got just what you want. Our collection of well-made king-size mattresses are designed to provide you with an incredible night’s sleep for years to come. And while other mattress retailers seem to have sky-high prices, our mattresses are available at affordable prices (even the king-size ones). We even offer a great selection of mattress styles, including innerspring and memory foam mattresses, as well as options for firmness to keep you comfortable while you rest. Feel more refreshed and give your home or apartment a much-needed update with a new king mattress from Apt2B.

Fit for a King

You don’t have to be actual royalty to enjoy the spacious surface of a king-size mattress. At Apt2B, we specialize in apartment-size furniture and décor, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want you to have the biggest bed you can fit in your home if that’s what your heart desires.

Live it up VIP-style by adding one of these king mattresses to your home. Couples will never feel crowded on one of these beds. Plus, it’s pretty much a must-have for families where the pets and kids inevitably end up crawling under the covers with you. Even if your typical day isn’t filled with royal luxuries, you’ll feel truly pampered when you sleep in a king-size bed.

Fit for Your Sleep Style

Choosing a king-size mattress is the just the first step in upgrading your sleep experience. Next, it’s time to figure out which firmness level works for you. Whether you love the plush, cloud-like feel of a pillow-top bed or the structured and supportive feel of memory foam, we’ve got you covered. Choose from our mattresses with great features like a CoolTOUCH GEL Memory Foam system that prevents heat build-up and the five-series wrapped coil system that eliminates motion transfer between sleepers. Plush, medium and firm king-size mattresses are all available at Apt2B, making it easy to feel like royalty while sticking to a commoner’s budget.

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