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You're expected to do some of your best thinking from behind the screen of your computer, but how can you do that if you don't have a comfortable place to sit? Apt2B makes getting down to the nitty gritty a little easier with a wide selection of innovative office chairs that let you focus on your work, not your chair.

Our office chairs and desk chairs are designed with comfort in mind, supporting you through long hours at work. They feature numerous adjustments and come in a full range of styles from retro to modern to complement even the most creative décor scheme. Whether you're looking for a utilitarian black chair for a conservative law firm, a clear chair for an open-plan space or a bold red chair to spice up an understated home office, you'll find just what you're looking for in our amazing inventory of desk chairs.

Office chairs are meant to be customizable. What's comfortable to one user may not be to another — and since you're probably spending eight hours of your day glued to your desk chair, it's important that it works for you. While we value style as much as the next person, we'd also like to be able to end our workday without aches and pains. That's why we've stocked our selection of office and desk chairs with seating we’ve tried ourselves.

Do you need to go from your desk to your file cabinet or printer multiple times a day? We have a sensational selection of modern and retro desk chairs with wheels, making it easy to pull up to your desk, push back to collaborate with a colleague and scoot over to handle tasks in another part of your work station.

Are you looking for something that's more grounded? Choose from chairs without wheels that fit seamlessly in boardrooms, small conference spaces and offices of all sizes.

In addition to a bevy of adjustable features, our office and desk chairs are designed to be durable. Office chairs go through a lot of wear and tear throughout a normal work day. Workers will lift them up and down, swivel from side to side, and subject them to other everyday demands. We only offer designs that are constructed to last, helping you and your business stay within your budget and get real value for your furniture expenses.

Though all workspaces require the same quality and durability in their desk chairs, every workplace has its own unique style. Every piece of furniture and equipment that goes into your workspace — be it three floors of a corporate headquarters or a one-room home office — must be as pleasing to look at as it is functional. Let's face it, we spend a third of our lives at work. Who wouldn’t work better surrounded by great-looking pieces of office furniture that also function well?

From colorful retro styles that look like they came off the Mad Men set to no-nonsense industrial designs, you’ll find the shapes and lines in our office chair collection that bring personality to your space. You'll also find great options to add stylish seating to your conference room and reception area to greet guests. While black and grey are traditional office colors, we've included unexpected hues such as lime green, orange, red and trendy rose gold to complement the unique style of your workspace.

When it comes to business, we know the bottom line is important — so we've priced our office and desk chairs competitively. You'll never overpay for office furniture at, and you'll also never pay for shipping. We offer free nationwide shipping on every order to make buying new office furniture as painless as possible. Browse our selection of contemporary and retro office chairs today for more comfortable and productive tomorrows.

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