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Modern Indoor & Outdoor Planters

Get your green thumb ready, because these modern planters from Apt2B are about to give your space a leafy, lush makeover. From charming wall-hanging planters for your fave succulents to large concrete planter sets that are sure to look stately on your front porch, there are dozens of dazzling options to be found in our online selection. Don’t worry if you don’t want the work of caring for live plants—these lovely pieces work just as well for supporting faux plants that don’t require you to lift a finger. Start browsing now to pick out the perfect planters for your space.

Find Your Ideal Planter Fit

When choosing planters, consider which options will look best with the rest of your home’s style. If you prefer a sleek look with industrial touches, metal planters offer the chic sheen that will fit right in with your existing decor. For a mid-century modern look, choose ceramic planters that have a bit of a retro vibe. Tall planters add dimension to a space, while large planters give you the option to bring in a statement fiddle leaf fig that adds a lush look to an empty spot next to the sofa. Lacking on available floor space? Brighten up a room with wall-mounted planters that are perfect for succulents and air plants, or pick out a small planter to place on a coffee table or console table.

Indoor Plant Tips

If you plan to use real plants, be sure to allow for drainage by choosing planters with holes. If yours doesn’t have holes on the bottom, you may be able to drill them in. Alternatively, you can just take your plants out of their planters when they need to be watered. For this last option, simply slide the plant into the planter in its original plastic container rather than potting it directly in the planter itself. And if any of that sounds like too much for you, keep it simple with faux plants that look perfectly green and lush all year round with zero hassle.

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