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The coffee table is one of the most underappreciated pieces of living room furniture known to man. Everyone thinks they can live without one until they need a place to put their feet or set down their drink. Be proactive and tackle problems before they start by ordering a cool, modern coffee table from Our coffee table collection includes dozens of great designs, including classic all-wood coffee tables, super-modern chrome and glass coffee tables, and everything in between. From unique triangular coffee tables to sleek black and chrome coffee tables, Apt2B has got it going on. Our well-made coffee tables are stylish yet functional with enough space and strength to stand up to even the most demanding users. Shop now to discover the perfect fit for your space in our collection of contemporary designs.

Finding a Coffee Table That Fits Your Space

When choosing a coffee table, the first thing you'll want to decide on is the shape. Round tables are great for sectionals and keep everyone in the room within leg's reach of the table. Rectangular coffee tables are the best bet for sofas, while non-traditional shapes like oval or triangular coffee tables work well with any type of seating.

A round, modern coffee table is a must-have for any cozy, compact lounge space. Simply add a pair of comfy accent chairs and you've got a conversation nook for the books. A rectangular coffee table style in a dark hue, like a modern espresso coffee table, will perfectly serve your larger chill space.

Don't forget about size! We've got expansive and apartment coffee tables at Apt2B to suit literally any space. Sizable tables are great for big rooms where you want to balance the proportions of the space with furniture that’s a bit larger. You may even want to pair coordinating coffee and side tables if you have room for both styles. Choose one of our space-saving apartment-size coffee tables if you need something to fit a tighter space.

Match Your Personal Style

Once you've narrowed down the shape that you like, it's time to think about style. Our black and chrome coffee tables offer a neutral palate that goes well with any décor, while a mid-century modern wood coffee table is a great choice to pair with retro-inspired furniture. Pick out a fresh, white modern coffee table if you're all about futurism and minimalism all wrapped in one. Oh yeah, and we've got the best-ever modern wood coffee tables for those who like to fuse the classic and contemporary. Apt2B's modern tables blend well with any décor and are priced right for any budget.

Pro tip: Consider glass-top tables if you're the type to forget about a glass until it leaves a ring. If you have little ones running around at home, skip the glass top and choose a shatter-proof style made with wood or metal.

Can't stand the thought of feet on the table? In addition to coffee tables, we also carry ottomans. Using an ottoman is a fabulous way to change up the traditional coffee table style. It can add a different and fun dimension to your living or family room while still giving you the function of a tried and true coffee table. Use ottomans as coffee tables in any room where you want to save space without sacrificing functionality, convenience, comfort or style. We've got trendy ottomans that speak to your specific décor vision at Apt2B.

For the best selection of modern coffee tables that suit any style of living, shop Apt2B today and find the multi-purpose living room furniture of your dreams. We also offer free delivery to save you even more money. For questions or help with an order, please call us at 1-877-825-8705 or email us at and we'll be glad to help. It’s time to put your feet up and discover your ideal modern coffee table or ottoman at Apt2B today.

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