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These aren't your grandmother's pillows and throws.'s collection of catchy pillows and throws feature bold colors, modern patterns and cheeky designs you'll be proud to show off. Treat guests to a sassy display of personality and wit with humorous printed pillows or choose black and ivory throw pillows to add class and sophistication to your space. Throws and pillows are designed to soften a space's decor, bring in color and tie different design elements together.

Unlike bed pillows, accent pillows are meant to be seen. Whether you're planning on using them year-round or are looking for pillows full of seasonal color, Apt2B's impressive selection of pillows make it easy to accent your favorite living areas. Choose designs and colors that add to your decor and don't be afraid to bring in additional colors, styles and patterns to mix things up. At Apt2B we make it easy to accessorize your seating with the best collection of modern and stylish throw pillows on the net.

Unlike bed pillows, throw pillows tend to be smaller and firmer. The pillows are designed to be looked at more than they are designed to be used. While they can certainly enhance a chair or sofa's comfort, the pillows are really meant to be used as a design element. When choosing throw pillows, go ahead and judge the book by the cover, since it's their aesthetic elements that are meant to take center stage.

Once you've found the perfect pillows for your space, go ahead and place your order without worrying about shipping. Our pillows are priced right and include free nationwide shipping and free delivery for an incredible value you can't pass up. Plus, we offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and hassle-free returns so if the pattern or color you've chosen isn't exactly what you were hoping for, simply return it and move on with life. Have questions or need assistance? We're here for you. Ask our customer service representatives anything about the pillows, no matter how silly it seems. Your satisfaction is our top-priority and we'll do our best to ensure you're happy.