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Sleeper Sofas

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If you have a good friend or a relative who's a frequent house guest (or apartment guest) and you're ready to ditch that ugly, worn-out old couch, then a stylish sleeper sofa is a smart move. You can easily and affordably update your place with a sleeker, sexier appearance while giving yourself the flexibility to be able to say, "Hey, why don't you spend the night?" We carry high-quality sleeper sofas that provide a comfortable bed, while doubling as a traditional couch with or without your overnight guest.

It isn't just an apartment dweller who finds themselves suddenly needing an extra bedroom. Yes, you could stick your mom and dad on a futon or in sleeping bags - but a sofa bed is much classier, not to mention more welcoming than sleeping on the floor. You don't want your guests waking up with stiff necks and aching backs! Plus, when you're not using it as a sleeper couch, it's an attractive modern sofa that lends the room an air of smart sophistication. Fool your friends and relatives into thinking you have a sprawling estate with a guest bedroom.

Our queen-size and apartment sleeper sofas are made in the U.S. with the finest craftsmanship. In fact, most are constructed right in Los Angeles, with certified sustainable, locally sourced materials, so they appeal to the environmentalist in you while not costing a fortune. They have features like solid wood frames, thick innerspring pillow top mattresses, high-density foam cushions and breathable hypo-allergenic fabrics that are easily cleaned. Speaking of fabrics, these custom-made sleeper sofas are available in your choice of fabric and color. If you're not sure whether a color will match your existing d├ęcor, we'll send you some swatches so you can compare. Our sleeper sofas are made to order and come with a lifetime guarantee. You really can't go wrong.

Shop our queen sle home. From sofas, tables and chairs to beds, bureeeper sofas for an easy and affordable way to increase living space when entertaining overnight guests. Family and friends will feel right at home, rather than thinking they're an imposition. You want to be a good host, right?

At Apt2B, we take whatever space you have and turn it into your castle. In addition to our U.S.-made apartment-sized and queen sleeper sofas, you'll discover a huge virtual showroom to furnish your entiraus, mirrors, bookcases and even lighting, we have it all, in a wide variety of styles. We offer free in-home delivery on all our sleeper sofas, as well as a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee and hassle-free returns.