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One of our specialties here at Apt2B is the apartment-sized sofa, which is also called a loveseat. Those of you living in a small apartment or interested in finding seating for a cozy nook in a larger room can think of it as a compact couch. What should you call it? We'd say that depends on the mood you're in. Feeling amorous? Then it's most definitely a loveseat; a cozy spot where you and your loved one can exchange meaningful looks and do what couples do. If you're expecting a big crowd in your small apartment for a party, it's a matter of practicality and comfort-a preferable alternative to having your guests sit on pillows on the floor which, come to think of it, has its own charm. If you're looking for discounted sofas in a compact size, one of these beauties might perfectly fit the bill.

There is really no such thing as a "standard loveseat." Loveseats can range in size from 45 to 51 inches wide up to about 71 inches wide. If they have separate cushions, they'll usually have 2 instead of the 3 cushions you generally find on a full-size sofa. Some models, however, may just have a single cushion. You'll find various styles, including traditional, retro, mid-century and bold contemporary. Depending upon the particular style, features may include button tufted back cushions, flared arms, solid wood base, tapered legs, high-density foam cushions and sleek silhouettes. There are models that are especially eco-friendly, though most of our sofas are manufactured in Los Angeles using certified sustainable, locally sourced materials.

Since Apt2B is an online-only furniture retailer with no physical storefront or showroom, we don't have the overhead costs that many of our competitors have (which they add on to the price of their furnishings). What this means is that we give our customers the hottest styles and best quality furniture at affordable prices. We also offer personalized customer service.