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Pop quiz: What do Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig all have in common? If you answered, "They all played the suavest heavy drinker in the history of movies", then you're correct! (And again, George Lazenby gets overlooked.) While you may never rise to the level of James Bond - at least not in this world - you can add class to your home with bar carts, wine racks and cabinets from Apt2B. Entertaining friends has never been more glamorous than with stylish wine carts and racks for champagne, gin, vodka and anything else for living the spy life.

Bottles randomly strewn across shelves, tables and floors may have been okay in college, but now is the time to bring some maturity and glamour to gatherings. Our contemporary kitchen bar carts and serving carts will add the right flair to your home bar. Line up your favorite spirits on the lower shelf, set out mixers and other ingredients on the top shelf and you're ready to make your favorite cocktail. Rolling bar carts mean you and your friends can enjoy a drink in any room. If you aren't as much into alcohol, a wine cart can also be used for serving snacks, or for accessories in your kitchen or bathroom.

Adding a wine rack to your bar is another way to keep things organized and impress visitors. Our bar wine racks are perfect for showing off your collection of wines and champagnes while keeping them aired out rather than in musty storage. For more of a sophisticated look, a wooden wine console or wine cabinet adds some nostalgia for storing your adult beverages. As any life hacker can tell you, a bar wine rack or cabinet is also a great multi-purpose storage unit, and they can be used to display collectibles or other items of value.

Want something a little more bright and flashy than typical wine carts and cabinets? Use a designer credenza for your favorite libations! Most people think of credenzas as a storage solution for entryways and workspaces - but an office credenza is right at home in the kitchen as well. Organize bottles, glasses and openers on the inner shelves and use the top as a mixing station or serving table. The gaudy door prints and patterns will add aesthetic appeal to your space when "sober time" is in session.

Bar carts and racks from Apt2B offer incredible versatility, with quality modern style and function at the right price. Order a wine cart or console now and it will be delivered for free. Contact us by phone at 1-877-825-8705 or by email at for expert answers to even the most detailed home bar questions. While we can't guarantee that MI6 will come calling, we can guarantee satisfaction on every bar cart, wine rack or cabinet that you order from us. Show More