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Anyone who has ever used the Internet can tell you that people are obsessed with their pets. You could almost argue that instagram was invented explicitly for pet owners to show off every adorable moment in their furry friends’ lives. But as much as we love our pets, we also love our furniture. And sometimes it’s hard for those two worlds to come together amicably. The great news is that pet owners don’t have to settle for a second-rate sofa. There are plenty of ways to let pets, their owners, and sofas live together in harmony.

Choose The Right Fabric For You And Your Pet

Choosing the right fabric for your pet-loving lifestyle is absolutely essential to your long-term happiness. Some fabrics, even though they might look beautiful, are simply not designed to hold up against fur, claws, and... territorial marking. Here are the fabrics that you should consider if you have pets:

  • Microfiber: Microfiber is typically 100% Polyester and has a suede-like feel and appearance. It features a plush pile that will be quite soft to the touch. Microfiber makes the most sense for a pet owner because animal hair cannot penetrate the ultra-dense material. In fact, you can wipe pet hair right off of microfiber. The fur will even clump as you brush it off, making it even easier to collect each individual strand. Not only does it deflect pet hair, it’s also resistant to cat claws. No more loose threads or puncture wounds from your cat’s vicious-yet-adorable attacks. Microfiber is a great option for both cat and dog owners.
  • Poly-Nylon: Microfiber isn’t for everyone. That’s where Poly-Nylon comes into play. It’s a 95% Polyester and 5% Nylon blend. It also features an ultra-dense weave that prohibits the penetration of pet hair, but it doesn’t have the suede-like finish of microfiber. Poly-Nylon fabric exists right in the middle between a standard upholstery fabric and microfiber. It’s still soft to the touch but it doesn’t have a high, plush pile. Animal fur can be brushed right off of Poly-Nylon fabric, though it’s not as tough against cat claws as microfiber. This is a great choice if you primarily have dogs as opposed to cats.
  • Performance Fabrics: This brand new line of fabrics is, to put it dramatically, game-changing. Performance fabric not only resists liquid stains, it absolutely repels them. Liquid that comes into contact with Performance fabric will bead up and roll right off without penetrating the fibers. Seriously. If you have pets that have notoriously weak bladders or a tendency to become territorial, then the Performance fabric is right for you. Performance fabrics also feature a very dense weave, which helps keep pet hair at bay. Cat claws can still pose a problem against Performance fabrics so don’t throw out the scratching post just yet.

Keeping Your Sofa Clean

Just like the healthcare advice that you ignore, the best way for pet owners to keep their sofas clean is to practice preventative care. Restricting your sofas to human-only use will mean that you can avoid most pet hazards. But who are we kidding? No one can resist letting their favorite snuggle-buddy up on the sofa. Now that your pet has become a couch potato it’s time to learn how to best clean your fabric.

  • Vacuum & Spot Clean: Vacuuming and spot cleaning are your best every day options for keeping your sofa clean. Invest in a good vacuum that has an extendable hose and a brush attachment. Make a habit out of vacuuming your couch at least once a week. For small stains from muddy paws you can use 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (aka rubbing alcohol) and a microfiber cloth to lift these stains. Simply apply some of the rubbing alcohol to your microfiber cloth and then gently rub the stain. Pat dry with another cloth and repeat until the stain is gone! It’s best to get these stains as soon as you notice them so that they don’t have as much time to set. A nice perk of Apt2B sofas is that they feature detachable and flippable seat cushions. You can always flip the cushions if you haven’t been keeping up with the cleaning!
  • Dry Cleaning: OK so you didn’t keep up with your cleaning like we recommended. We get it. Life is hectic! But now your sofa is looking a little worse for wear. Thankfully Apt2B sofas feature zipper-removable cushion covers. Your cushion covers can actually be taken to the dry cleaners to receive a thorough and professional cleaning. Dry cleaning your cushion covers will help you remove some of the absolute toughest stains. This is a great way to get your cushions looking exactly like they did when your Apt2B sofa first arrived! (Note: cushions with button tufting will require the help of an upholsterer to remove and reattach)
  • Steam Cleaning: OK so you waited way too long to really tackle any sort of cleaning whatsoever and now your sofa is looking a bit shabby. It happens! This simply means that you might have to spring for the “nuclear option” and hire a professional steam-cleaning service to come by your home and clean your sofa. Most pet owners will never have to use this as an option, but it’s good to know that it exists as a last-ditch measure. The benefit of a steam cleaning is that you’ll be able to have the entire sofa cleaned and not just the cushion covers. This can help if you have a cat or a small dog who loves sleeping on the top of the sofa. After a good steam cleaning your sofa will look brand new!

Loving your pet and loving your sofa no longer need to be at odds. Choose the right fabric and the best cleaning methods and you’ll be prepared for anything. You’ll be happy and your best friends will be happy.

Check out Apt2B’s full lineup of fabrics! You can even order FREE swatches!


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