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Stylish Shelving for Walls

Spruce up any space with decorative wall shelves from Apt2B. We offer a wide range of stylish options that can serve as beautiful and functional decor in your home. From glamorous Art Deco shelving with gold accents and geometric shapes to chic industrial wall shelves that combine rustic wood with sturdy metal, you’re sure to find a look that matches your personal style in this collection. Learn more about where to hang wall shelves for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and more.

Ways to Use Wall Shelves

There are countless ways to use wall shelving units in your home. Bathroom wall shelves are perfect for keeping odds and ends organized, especially smaller items, such as skin care products and cosmetics. Use kitchen wall shelves for arranging your spices so they’re always within reach while cooking. A set of shoe wall shelves can keep an entryway tidy, or you can even use garage wall shelving as a convenient spot to stash keys when you’re coming and going. In addition to practical uses, this type of shelving can be added as decorative accents, for example as living room wall shelves to display cherished keepsakes, family photos or favorite books.

Tips for Wall Shelf Placement

Before you choose your wall shelves, think about where they’ll go in your home. You might choose white wall shelves, black wall shelves or wooden wall shelves depending on which style best complements your space. On larger walls, consider combining your shelves with other wall decor, such as clocks, mirrors or art prints to create a gallery-like effect.

When it’s time to hang the shelves, be sure you screw into a stud or use a wall anchor to prevent damage. You can also follow these general rules for how high to hang wall shelves:

  • Living room and dining room walls: 4-5 feet up from the floor
  • Hallway and entryway walls: 5-6 feet up from the floor
  • Above a couch: 10-12 inches up from the back of the couch

With these tips at the ready, you’ll be all set for hanging your new shelves in the perfect spot. Shop at Apt2B to find beautifully designed decorative wall shelves for any room in your home.

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