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Pull up a chair and grab a plate because it's dinner time at Apt2B. Our Dining Chair Collection runs the style gamut from traditional to midcentury modern to contemporary in leather, wood, metal and more. Whether you're replacing your existing dining chairs and benches or shopping for a new dining set for your first apartment, you've come to the right place.

At Apt2B, nobody is left out of the fashionable seating game, thanks to our impressive selection of styles that encompasses everything from sleek and modern to colorful and retro. Buy one chair or bench — or invest in 100 — and enjoy competitive pricing, the best quality and our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Apt2B is your one-stop shop for modern dining chair options, including industrial chic, mid-century modern and retro metal designs. If you've been dreaming of upping your dining room game, you need to get in on Apt2B's modern dining chair action.

Bring everyone together with an array of our affordable modern metal dining chairs that bring a fresh look to minimalist décor. Or complement your retro dining set with mid-century modern dining chairs inspired by classic Danish and Scandinavian design schools.

Perhaps a bench would suit your space better and be more comfortable for your family. A dining bench can be a fantastic way to maximize seating at a table — and it can also be a great way to change up the flow and configuration of your dining area. Many benches tuck discretely underneath dining tables to clear the way for social activities. Because of their versatile accommodation, benches also make it easy to add another person to your holiday feast!

Whether it's a metal bench to complement a modern eat-in kitchen, a wooden bench to complete a rustic look or a padded bench to cozy up that breakfast nook, our dining benches are on point right now. Adding them into your dining room seating options really opens up the possibilities.

You'll find retro modern chairs and benches in colors and styles that suit your needs in our comprehensive selection. Go big with bright, eye-catching silver or copper dining chairs, or let your trendy side run wild with soft gray dining chairs. Or add sumptuous authenticity to a midcentury design with retro leather chairs.

Regardless of the style you choose, our modern and retro dining chairs are made to last. Whether you use your dining room table every day or just once a year for special occasions, you'll enjoy quality construction and dependability. Our dining chairs are made with high-quality materials that won't break or warp and rich upholsteries that can weather meal after meal. Each chair is made like our own grandmothers will be sitting in them, with attention to detail and sturdy construction.

Pop a set of Apt2B's metal dining chairs out on the balcony of your apartment for outside dining or add one into your kitchen for fabulous function.

When it comes to furniture, shipping can be a killer. We've made it easy by offering free nationwide shipping across the board, so whether you're buying one dining room chair or an entire dining set, you won't ever have to worry about shipping.

We also offer hassle-free returns because we truly want you to love your Apt2B dining room chairs. Our satisfaction guarantee is more than just a flighty promise. The world-class customer service representatives at Apt2B are always glad to help ensure you're completely happy with your purchase. So go retro or contemporary and discover your ideal seat at Apt2B — then pull up a chair because dinner is served.

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