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Urban sofa bed is a classy way of saying futon. Get back to your collegiate roots by ordering the ultimate in flexible seating for your dorm, house or apartment. If you're new to this planet, the mighty futon is a sofa by day and a bed by night, offering guests a place to stay or making the most of a small studio apartment where space is at a premium. Today's futons are more fun and a lot more functional than designs of the past, offering comfort, style and dependability in one compact package. Whether you're shopping for an orange futon sofa bed to brighten up your spare bedroom or a compact futon chair sofa bed to keep in the living room, our generous selection of modern futons and affordable prices prove that the mighty futon still reigns supreme.

At Apt2B we know a thing or two about futons because we slept on them in college. Who didn't? However, the futon beds at Apt2B are definitely not throwbacks. Our futon and urban sofa bed collection includes a variety of modern styles to choose from with sexy finishes and exciting features. Whether you're shopping for a contemporary futon sofa bed to brighten up your spare bedroom, a compact futon chair sofa bed to keep in the living room or a distressed leather futon (we never thought we'd say that either) for your man-cave, our delightful array of budget-friendly prices and uptown futons that give the futons of old a much-needed makeover. Our impressive selection of futons and urban sofa beds are trendy, hip and undeniably comfortable. You'll love the versatility of the modern futon that lets even the smallest space accommodate guests.

As if you need another reason to buy one of our futons or sofa beds, all of our furniture comes with free in-home threshold delivery and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Adore what you order or get your money back. No games, no hassle and no catches. If you have questions, feel free to chat with one of our furniture rock stars by calling us at 1-800-825-8705 or emailing us at We want you to be happy and are more than willing to go the extra mile to earn your business. Shop with Apt2B today and discover how fun and easy it can be to update your home with the latest styles of modern furniture. Inject some uptown funk into your living space with the fabulously chic urban sofa beds from Apt2B. Show More