Haden Urban Sofa Bed

Haden Urban Sofa Bed

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If the idea of a futon takes you back to your college days, like sharing an apartment with at least a dozen people, Apt2B is here to bring you and the futon up to date. This most practical piece of apartment-sized furniture is now called an urban sofa bed, but it’s still the ultimate flexible seating option for any small or multi-use space. A seating solution by day and a sleep solution by night, the mighty apartment-size futon becomes a multitasking superhero when space is at a premium.

How Far We’ve Come

We all went through that phase of sleeping on a futon, surviving on ramen noodles and hoping to score a chair or two that someone left by the curb. At a certain point, though, we grow up and crave a more permanent home with adult-type furniture. That doesn’t mean we have to abandon the versatility of an apartment-size futon for small spaces; it just means we need a more modern futon with a grown-up aesthetic. At Apt2B, our apartment-size futons and sofa beds are definitely not throwbacks. This modern futon and urban sofa bed collection includes contemporary styles to fit any small space and complement any design theme with sexy finishes, beautiful fabrics and exciting features.

Long before you went to college, however, an entire culture created this convenient sleeping mattress to fold up and tuck away during the day and unfurl on the floor at night. The Japanese futon was all about the mattress and not so much focused on the frame itself, but Western standards adapted this genius sleeping solution to create an affordable alternative to a traditional sofa bed. Lightweight futons require less effort to set up and take up less space, so they make perfect sense for a college or entry-level budget in a shared or cramped apartment, loft or older home.

Living in the Moment

Today's apartment-size futons are more fun and a lot more functional than the bare-bones designs of the past, offering comfort, style and versatility in one compact package. Whether you're looking for a quirky armless modern sofa bed to perk up the small space of your spare bedroom or home office or a compact futon to keep in the living room for unexpected guests, the generous selection of modern futons and urban sofa beds at Apt2B features affordable prices and great styles, proving that the modest futon still reigns supreme.

A contemporary apartment-size urban sofa bed in a versatile neutral tone can fit with the other furnishings in your spare bedroom and still leave enough room for home office work. A compact futon adds a stylish and functional touch to even the most rugged man-cave and is also perfect for the kids’ room, offering a place to read or play during the day and solving sleepover situations in a snap. Just measure the size of your space to see if the dimensions of our urban sofa beds will work; how you style it is up to you.

Stepping Into the Future

Our on-trend apartment-size futons at budget-friendly prices are perfect for college dorms, first apartments, vacation homes and more. We truly have a modern futon for any small space. No matter how tired you or your guests are, you can easily convert it to a mattress by lifting and dropping down the back. The attached high-density cushions make this futon even more comfortable than some old sofa bed, with that metal bar breaking your back in two.

See the difference a modern futon from Apt2B can make in your space. While browsing our site, check out our complete collection of furnishings and accessories for any room or read up on helpful tips to make the most of your space. We offer complimentary entryway delivery on every order and even have a hassle-free 100-day return policy if you are not completely satisfied. At Apt2B, our customer service is world-class!  Hit us up for a chat on our website or call us for help walking through the choices for your futon selection or any of the other fantastic furniture we have. Show More