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Easy-Care Area Rugs - Washable Throw Rugs

Machine Washable Throw Rugs

Enjoy all the beauty and function of a floor mat with none of the hassle by getting a machine washable area rug from Apt2B. One of the biggest reasons we’ve found people hesitate to buy throw rugs is because they’re so hard to clean. So we’ve put an end to that issue with easy-care rugs. Whenever they need a thorough scrubbing, these mini carpets can be put throw the washing machine on a standard cycle just like your clothes, then hung up to dry. If you just want to do a quick clean — or you somehow prefer manual cleaning — you can still use manual sweepers, brooms and bar-free vacuums just like a traditional throw rug. 

Easy Care with Luxury Style

You’ll get the best of each world with our washable area rugs — and that includes their impressive design. These machine-woven rugs are made of a low-pile polyester/cotton/jute fabric blend. Once your feet touch them, you’ll instantly feel more relaxed. Set these rugs under coffee tables, in front of easy chairs, by the kitchen sink or anywhere else that you want increased comfort and floor protection.

Apt2B machine wash rugs add style as well with nearly two dozen creative patterns. From the classic high-society patterns of the Regent to the kaleidoscope of color that is the Alfred, we have a rug that enhances the overall décor. Each rug comes in sizes ranging from 3’ x 7” to 8’ x 10’ to help hardwood, vinyl or carpet floors cover up. You still get free delivery on every order so you don’t pay more for rug care convenience.

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