People are crazy for succulents. Seriously. To be fair, they’re beautiful and easy to maintain so what’s not to love? But we’ve noticed that most people are not taking the additional time to make their succulent selections really shine. Taking that extra step to make them really pop. It’s actually surprisingly simple! Resident Apt2B designer, Kyle Schuneman, shows you how to easily design a succulent arrangement that looks like it cost 10 times more than you actually spent. See how in the video and step-by-step guide below!

Step By Step Guide

The hardest part of this project will be choosing the succulents that you want to use in your arrangement. There are so many gorgeous options that it can be tough to only pick a handful of your favorites. Remember that variety is key. You’ll want variety in size, shape, and color to really draw attention to the arrangement. Have fun with it!

Detail view of three succulent plants in white pots

Things You’ll Need:

Step 1: Fill your planter with your succulent/cactus mix potting soil. You’ll want to create a mound of soil in the center. The planter should look like it has a hill in the middle!

Man in a blue shirt standing in a kitchen with plants to be potted

Step 2: Plant your succulents in the soil! This is where your own personal creativity comes in. Place your favorite (or the largest) succulent in the center of the mound. Then arrange the rest of the succulents in a circle around the edges of the hill. We recommend doing this step in a place that doesn’t need to stay clean. You’ll definitely spill some dirt as you plant the succulents.

Succulent plants being planted in a white planter with dirt
Detail view of succulent plants and moss

Step 3: Add your crafting moss. Kyle uses a pair of large tweezers to easily place the moss exactly where he wants it without disturbing the plants (honestly, though, who even has tweezers this size???). In place of tweezers, you can use some tongs or even a pair of chopsticks! If you’re like most people then we suspect you’ve got some unused take-out chopsticks and 2 dozen packets of duck sauce in the back of a kitchen drawer. Now’s the time to finally use those chopsticks!

Man in a blue shirt in a modern kitchen planting succulents into a white pot

Voila! Now you’ve got a succulent arrangement that looks like it cost over $100! These arrangements make excellent centerpieces, shelf decor, and mantel pieces. They’re also great gifts!

How To Maintain Your Succulent Arrangement

You only need to water your succulent arrangement once a month. We put that in bold because it’s actually super important. Most people tend to over-water their succulents. But these types of plants are designed to live off of very little water. One quick watering per month is all they need to live a happy and healthy life! You might also need to re-apply some crafting moss after a couple of months. Be sure to check and see if there are any bald patches that need to be covered and re-apply as needed!

Three finished pots of succulents with moss after being planted

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