Watch as Apt2B resident designer, Kyle Schuneman, transforms this Annapolis Coffee Table into a fun and functional Lego table that will make your family room or playroom really click!



Having kids and having a well-designed home are often two ideas that are very much at odds with one another. It can be a real challenge to balance these two vastly different elements. That’s where our Apt2B Lego Table Hack comes in! This super simple project will help you create a piece of furniture that’s perfect for both children and adults. Watch the video and read on to see just how much of a snap this project truly is!

Tools You’ll Need For This Project

  • Peel and Stick Lego Base Plates (You can find them HERE)
  • Plastic Storage Drawers (You can find them HERE)
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Legos!

Step 1: Peel and Stick!

Collect your peel and stick Lego base plates and arrange them into their desired position on your table. In our example we use the Annapolis Coffee Table, which is the perfect size for 4 base plates! Once you have the proper configuration you can go ahead and peel and stick the base plates down onto the table. Pro tip – give your table a thorough cleaning before sticking the base plates onto the surface!

Step 2: Screw In Storage

Now that your Lego base plates are firmly attached to your table it’s time to add the storage drawers! You’ll need a screwdriver and screws for this step. Make sure to choose screws that are short so that they don’t poke through the top of the table’s surface! Flip your table upside-down and screw the storage bins into place. Make sure that the drawer isn’t obstructed before finalizing its placement! You can add as many storage drawers as you need (or as many as your table can handle).

Step 3: Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

Still have some engineering energy left over from this DIY hack? Put that energy to good use by building a super awesome Lego structure! Having your child help you out is optional ;)

See? Told you this Apt2B Lego Table Hack was a real snap! Hungry for more #2BHacks? Then check out some of our other projects!

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