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You’ve heard of Nine Inch Nails, but what about a 9 foot couch? That’s right. Nine glorious feet of room to stretch out, pile with pillows or otherwise use for your optimum comfort. And it’s all yours with a 100 to 109 inch sleeper sofa or sectional from Apt2B. Not only do you get to lounge, lie around or play on the 9 feet of couch, but you get to unfold the hideaway bed at sundown for a super night’s sleep.

One of the hottest selling points of the sleeper sofas and sectionals in this collection is definitely the size. It’s big. Nine feet is about half the height of a giraffe, or one-third the length of a double-decker London bus. Place your 100 inch sectional sofa in the grand living room that always looks half empty. Add a 103 inch sectional sofa to your massive master bedroom.

Apt2B couches in this collection are well-suited for larger areas and rooms, filling them with charming coziness and style. And it’s not just the mondo size that does it. Apt2B sleeper sofas and sectionals have a totally modern vibe that adds a dash of style to any home.

A variety of fabric colors, styles and silhouettes let you pick the 9 foot sectional sofa or sleeper that aligns with your taste and needs. Opt for a deeper jewel tone, a brilliant sunny hue, or a perky blue. When it comes to style, choose a sleeper sofa that’s totally minimalist, or one that has striking details to add a subtle dash of class.

Apt2B 9 foot sectionals and sleepers not only feel good and look great, but they’re made with stringent care. Our couches are made in the USA, with a lifetime guarantee on frame and workmanship. You also get free in-home shipping and hassle-free returns. With nothing to lose and a full 9 feet to gain, you’ll want to shop Apt2B sleeper sofas and sectionals today. Show More