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Is your living space décor down in the dumps? Does your den suffer from a case of drab design blues? Give that sad room a serious shot of sunshine with our super-cheerful yellow fabric sofas! We're fully convinced that even the grumbliest pessimist in your life will come around to a more upbeat world view when they feast their eyes on one of these beauties. You'll find cheery shades of yellow like mustard and lemonade, whose names conjure hot summer days on a festive picnic or at the ball game with a couple of tofu hotdogs with all the fixings and a cool beverage. Or maybe that's just us. In any case, these yellow fabric sofas can really make a room pop with newfound energy, and they can be tastefully set off with yellow decorative accessories here and there to great effect.

But don't mistake one of our pretty yellow sofas as just a pretty face. Underneath that cheerful façade is serious piece of furniture. Expertly crafted in our Los Angeles factory from certified sustainable, locally sourced materials, these stylish sofas are made with 100 percent solid wood frames, reversible and flippable detached high-density cushions and breathable, cleanable hypo-allergenic fabrics. They may be flashy, but they're not superficial! These high-quality sofas will be with you for years to offer comfort and support. We're still talking about sofas, right?

Apt2B is your premiere virtual furniture showroom, bringing you the latest hot fashions in contemporary and classic furnishings and home accessories. But we're not just a "love you and leave you" kind of place. We take our customer support seriously. If you'd like to see what a particular fabric will look like as part of your remodeling project, ask for a free sample! Call us with any question you have about our products and we'll be happy to assist you. And when you do place your order, we'll ship your furnishings free of charge nationwide, not just to your doorstep but to the exact room where you want it. We'll even set up your couch so you can get to know each other right away. Because that's what friends are for.