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What’s big, beautiful and brings both joy and comfort to your home? If you answered the large sleeper sofas and sectionals form Apt2B, you are spot on. These super stylish couches measure 110 to 119 inches long, and they aren’t your old-school sleeper sofas, either.

Instead of hard-as-a-board seating, you get firm-yet-cushy comfort. And rather than having guests sleep on a piece of thin padding masquerading as a bed, you get your choice of a memory foam mattress or a deluxe innerspring mattress for optimum comfort. The fold-away mattress unfurls quickly and easily to provide ample room and ultimate relaxation.

And when we say large couches, we mean large. Here you’ll find our collection of 110 to 119 inch sleeper sofas and sectionals, which are near the top of our size list. That translates to more than 9 feet of cozy cushioning for you and your pals to hang out and watch movies, listen to tunes or chat about the latest and greatest happenings.

Greater still is the selection of different fabrics, colors, details and design that come with our sleepers and sectionals. Choose from neutrals that include deep greys and soothing beige tones, or opt for a deep and delicious blue, green or ruby.

Tapered wooden legs are one of the fine features of some models, while others sport button-tufted or reversible cushions. Some of the sectionals allow you to choose your layout, and all are built with careful precision using solid wood frames.

Apt2B sleeper sofas and sectionals are made in the USA, and they come with a lifetime guarantee on frames and workmanship. We’re also so sure you’ll adore your new sleeper couch that we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Free in-home nationwide shipping is part of the deal, as are hassle-free returns.

We must admit, however, returns are few and far between. Most folks fall in love with the Apt2B sofas the moment they enter their home. Fall in love yourself. Shop our 110 to 119 inch sleeper sofas and sectionals now. Show More