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Looking for a way to simplify your sleep while infusing your bedroom with lots of style? Spring for a platform bed from Apt2B and live the foundation-free lifestyle. Traditional beds have an open frame and provide virtually no support for the mattress, requiring you to buy a box spring. Modern platform beds on the other hand are built with extra supports in the form of a solid base, sturdy slats or wires. These supports hold the mattress and perform the job of the foundation, without all the extra bulk and expense.

Another advantage of a platform bed is the height. You won't need a stool to get comfy in the stylish design of the platform bed that is lower to the floor than a traditional frame bed with a box spring. A platform bed is an ideal choice for just about anyone, but parents will love the close to the floor design, because kids do occasionally topple off. Moms-to-be will also appreciate the ease of sliding into and out of a platform bed as will seniors and folks with health issues. Small platform beds are an excellent option for apartment and loft dwellers or anyone with a space issue in their bedroom.

Comfort is nice, but what about style? Platform beds are one of our best-selling items not only because they're practical, affordable and amazing to sleep on, but because they look cool too. While low in profile, they're high in visual appeal. They're a must in a bedroom decorated in the modern style, and offer a sleek, minimalist aesthetic many love. We carry platform beds in a variety of styles; choose from beds with legs or no legs, upholstered or traditional wood, ones that're up off the ground or ones that sit on the ground and more. All of our beds come with headboards, but select styles also have matching footboards for a more traditional look. Now how about a platform bed with storage space for solving those organizational issues in the bedroom? Platform beds are awesome to look at and functional too! If you have a lot of stuff and not a lot of space to store it, you'll find our storage beds with built-in drawers for clothing, seasonal items and more to be the solution you need.

While upholstered beds are certainly our most colorful type, even our wooden platform beds come in a large range of finishes including walnut and slate. Whether you prefer the soft, high-end hotel appearance of a white platform bed or a rugged reclaimed wood look, you'll find the right contemporary platform bed to make all of your design dreams come true at Apt2B.

The impressive selection of beds is backed by our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Each platform bed is carefully crafted using the finest quality materials available. Every platform bed is inspected for quality to ensure they live up to the prestigious Apt2B standards. All platform beds are eligible for free nationwide shipping. Mattresses are not included. However, Apt2B has those too! Both your exciting new modern platform bed and comfy mattress can be purchased at Only dreamy nights await you! Order your platform bed today. Show More