The Adorable Animals of Apt2B


Pets. Furry friends. Companion animals (if you really want to get fancy with your verbiage) – we love 'em, you love 'em, everyone loves 'em. From their soft cuddliness and cute faces to the weird stuff that we love watching them do, we just can't get enough cute animals. It seems like these cuddly cuties feel the same about us because we see them lounging on our comfy Apt2B sofas and sectionals all the time. Our apartment size sofas, for example, are the perfect fit to take a cat nap. And our sectionals? More room for you and your 80 pound lap dog to curl up and watch some Scandal.

We've compiled a list of 8 of our favorite pets on their favorite Apt2B pieces. But before you look any further, be warned…these pics are SUPER cute. We dare you not to say "awwwww."


Albert looking SO adorable watching his favorite college football game on the Coronado Sofa in Royal Blue


Waffles hanging out on the Jackson 2 Piece Sectional in Mountain Grey


@MaggieMunchkin and @Dexterchu having a frand date on the  Logan Sofa


Toshiko Shek's gorgeous friend on our Ryandale Sofa in Cream 


Our very own Apt2B mascot, Palmer, being stylish on the Monroe Sofa in Pink Lemonade


Chewy's napping on the Logan Sectional and looking oh-so-comfy


Monja lounging on the Monroe Apartment Size Sofa in Mountain Grey


Obi hanging out on the Logan Sectional and wishing you would stop taking pictures and cuddle him already


Got any cute shots of your own fluffy pal on an Apt2B sofa? Send it on over to us and we'll post it here!

Until next time,

The Girls from 2C

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