A Behind The Scenes Look @ Apt2B


We wanted to thank the ridiculously talented and beautiful Heather Scherbert for her behind the walls shoot of Apt2B.  Heather was kind enough to write this post on her own blog and we wanted to share this with you. Apt 2B A step off the beaten path - I got to hang with the talented entrepreneurs behind Apt 2B - the freshest apartment style furniture line unveiling soon. This stylish group is on the ball - small apartment, 10 people, furniture - and we wrapped on time!  Owners Mat, Alex & Becca are super cool owls - taking the furniture biz a step further with webisodes offering helpful advice to keep your place looking great.  After the shoot, I went home and took all the covers off my display books. **wink wink** http://blog.heatherscherbert.com/blog/crews/

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  • Adam Hanin