All signs point to patterns being back in a big way. And one pattern we’re absolutely loving is chevron. Chevron is a timeless design that can be modernized in truly extraordinary ways. Simple, playful, and thoughtful, Chevron has it all. Read on to find out why this pattern is trending in the design community!

Chevron ≠ Herringbone

Image depicting chevron versus herringbone patterns side by side

Laurel Canyon Dresser | Allister Sideboard

First thing’s first – chevron ≠ herringbone. Both patterns look extremely similar, but once you know the difference it’s easy to tell them apart. Chevron is a true “V”. It’s one perfect line that carries across the pattern. To create a chevron pattern you take two pieces of wood and cut the ends so that they’re each a diagonal line. Herringbone is an offset, squared-off pattern that requires multiple individual lines to create. In other words, you can draw a chevron pattern as a zig-zag without ever lifting your pen. You’d have to lift the pen and create separate lines to form a Herringbone pattern.

Chevron’s Historical Roots

Mirrored and metal chevron-patterned table top

Elisha Mirror

Now that we know what chevron is, we can talk about where it came from. Chevron is a French word that refers to a specific type of rafters that the Romans popularized. The pattern can be seen on Grecian pottery as well as in Byzantine architecture. However, Art Deco is the style era that brought chevron back into the conversation. Art Deco lifted bits and pieces from many historic design motifs to formulate its iconic, symmetrical, patterned styles.

Modern Chevron Pattern

Credenza by Fimbis CELEBRATION | Vanowen Coffee Table SMOKE |
Richter Area Rug | Cassidy Bar

It would be easy to create a zig-zag chevron pattern and call it a day. But where’s the fun in that? Modern designers have learned to take advantage of the full range of this pattern. Want a dramatic effect? Simply use different wood tones. Need a real visual punch? Alternate the size of the lines in the pattern. These playful twists on a traditional design look absolutely incredible.

Modern bedroom scene with wooden chevron-patterned bed and nightstands on a grey rug

The Laurel Canyon Collection

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