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Around this time last year I took an unforgettable trip to Iceland. I was instantly struck by the unique scenery, the contrasting landscapes, and the unexpected colors. There were so many hard, jagged edges to the scenery, yet somehow it felt cozy at the same time. That’s what made Jökulsárlón (yep, try saying that 5 times fast) one of the most stunningly beautiful places I visited on my trip. Jökulsárlón is a famous glacier lagoon and it absolutely took my breath away. 

top image is ice on water bottom image has a variety of apt2B pieces of furniture

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Diamond Beach

Just across the small highway from Jökulsárlón is Diamond Beach, which is where I took this photo. They call it Diamond Beach because the black sand is dotted with chunks of dazzling blue ice. The color palette is stunning and that’s what inspired me to design this space. The blue ice, the moody grey sky, and the black sand created such a soothing atmosphere.

image of Iceland

Don’t Rely Exclusively On Color Palette

In order to capture the magic of this place, I knew I would have to draw from more than the color palette alone. I needed to also incorporate its otherworldly textures and shapes. That’s why I mixed the clear glass and unique geometry of the Pierce Coffee Table with the furry blue Zenna Toss Pillows. The table reminds me of the dramatic ice formations and the shaggy pillows remind me of the cozy, serene feeling I had when I was there. I then used the sharp black and white artwork to balance out the softness of the Minerva Area Rug.

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Strike The Right Balance

That’s one of the things I loved so much about Iceland – there was a sense of balance that permeated every aspect of the scenery. And balance is integral for interior design because it provides a peaceful atmosphere. I think it’s common for people to get bogged down when trying to recreate a space because they feel like everything has to be literal. But the true goal of interior design is to evoke a specific mood. In other words, you don’t need an iceberg sculpture to recreate Jökulsárlón. And you don’t need to make everything in the room blue. Find the right balance between the elements and the result will be a beautiful, well-designed room.

glass table, two blue fuzzy pillows, a painting and rug

Pierce Coffee Table | Zenna Toss Pillows | Minerva Fringe Shag Area Rug | Richard Verges DIVE

Final Thoughts

I absolutely love the way this design turned out. The beauty of this space is that you don’t need to know the inspiration to enjoy it. It takes me right back to Iceland when I see it, but it also works completely on its own without knowing the context. It has a winter’s edge to it, which creates a calming serenity that works throughout the year.

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