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I recently took a weekend hiking trip to Washington and I absolutely fell in love. It was the very beginning of Autumn right as the leaves were starting to change, and it created one of the most beautiful color palettes I’ve ever seen. It felt warm, cozy, inspiring, and I just wanted to be enveloped by it for as long as I could. 

image of fall scenery trees and leaves

Like many people, I love being out in nature. And I love to use nature as inspiration for my interior design. I mean, if we love nature when it’s outside, why wouldn’t we love it when it’s inside, too?  It wasn’t just the color palette I fell in love with – it was the entire vibe. The whole environment was laid back, cool, eclectic, and natural.

The Pacific Northwest Collection

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I wanted to recreate that feeling with some of my favorite Apt2B pieces. To set the tone, I chose the Olivia Sofa in Evergreen Velvet. It has a rich texture and that amazing forest green color that surrounded me on the trail. The Olivia’s wood base in the Pecan finish is also reminiscent of those towering tree trunks. It also adds a wood element that helps ground the space.

green velvet sofa

Olivia Sofa in Evergreen Velvet with Pecan Base

The crisp orange tones of the new-turning leaves were the most striking visual element I saw during my hike. I incorporated these tones with the Crawford Accent Chair and earthy poufs. The people I encountered in the Pacific Northwest have such a laid back, eclectic vibe. I used different accessories to try and capture that relaxed mood. Graphic pillows, plaids, and mixed-medium lamps all helped make the space come to life.

three multicolored pillows and one orange ottoman

Calliope Toss Pillow | Winston Toss Pillow | Maisie Toss Pillow | Tachevah Desert Pouf

Fall is an undeniably cozy time of year. But don’t you want your home to feel cozy all year long? This type of Fall decor is perfect for a year-round look. The color palette is timeless and it teaches us how a layered environment, whether inside or out, makes us feel completely at home.

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