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Written by Kyle Schuneman

Sometimes a room just oozes cool. A laid back, not-trying-too-hard cool that just grabs you. That’s immediately what I thought when I saw this space in photographer Joe Schmelzer’s beautiful portfolio.

room with black sofa, black chair, paintings, three black side tables and a grey rug

What I love about this room is that it proves that you don’t need to use a ton of color to achieve a layered and interesting space. People often feel that they need to start the design process with a color palette. This room shows that a collection of varied textures can be just as strong of a statement.

All About That Shape

The real star of the space is all of the uniquely-shaped furniture. The sexy rounded sofa, the dining chairs with cut-out backs, and the sculptural accent tables all add visual interest to the space. The entire vibe has an art museum quality to it, which means that your eyes are never bored. Although the shapes are different, they fit together without clashing. The result is a space that’s always alluring no matter where you’re sitting.

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When recreating this room I immediately thought of Apt2B’s curved Monroe 3pc Sectional. It has a beautiful rounded look that can really anchor a large room. After settling on the Monroe as the focal point, the next step was all about choosing interesting, masculine pieces to help reinforce the cool style throughout the room. The Crawford Accent Chair and the Griffith Side Table are perfect choices. One major benefit of this style is that it gives you the freedom to choose any type of wall art that you like. Strong wall art is an amazing way to showcase your personality, especially in a gallery style space like this. And when it comes to art, the bigger the better!

The Living Area

a black chair, grey sofa, beige rug and black side table

Crawford Accent Chair GLAM BLACK | Monroe 3pc Sectional RAF in THUNDER w/ Natural Legs | Julius Area Rug SILVER | Griffith Side Table

The Dining Area + Accents

wooden table, white and wooden chair, grey side table and two art pieces

Irvine Dining Table | Mirabell Accent Chair SANTORINI SAND | Loara Marble Garden Stool | Supernova Sculpture SET OF 2

Wall Art + Lighting

painting of a woman with lipstick, two lights and a painting of a woman with hat

Johnny Popkess FINAL ADJUSTMENTS | Anna Creek 6 Bulb Pendant Lamp | Jensen Pendant Lamp | Johnny Popkess ROOM WITH A VIEW

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