Lamps are the most under-utilized home decor element. There. We said it. Not only do lamps serve an essential purpose (y’know, letting you actually SEE your home), they also help solidify your style. All too often people get a lamp for practicality’s sake. But if you actually care about creating a cohesive design throughout your space then this is a mistake. If you choose your lamps appropriately then they can not only make your home look better than ever – they can actually be the highlight of your home!

 All About That Base

Let’s forget about the light that lamps produce for a minute. We’ll get to that in a minute. For now let’s focus on the base of the lamp. Use the style of the base to fill in what’s missing in your space. More often than not the thing that’s missing is texture. Lamps offer a great opportunity to add some material texture to your space. Texture in this sense can be a metal finish, rope, sculpted ceramic, or patterns. Anything that adds an extra stylistic dimension. Does your current furniture have gold or brass accent hardware? Opt for a lamp with a gold or brass base. Are you aiming for a coastal vibe? Try a lamp with a rope base. Do you have a rustic industrial vibe going on? Look for lamps with cement, wood, and iron elements to enhance the style.

Lamps As Art

Art takes many forms. People often forget this when decorating their own home. Rather than relying on wall art to do all the heavy lifting, look to your lamps as another opportunity to create an artistic environment. Our Rouen Table Lamp looks as though it could have been taken straight out of a painting at the Louvre. Our Verner Table Lamp is a gorgeous sculpture on its own thanks to its mix of ceramic and resin. So don’t keep putting holes in your walls to hang more artwork (especially if you’re renting). Just plug in your art!

Adjust The Temperature

NOT ALL LIGHTBULBS ARE THE SAME. This is important. Light bulbs are available in a variety of different “temperatures”. Choosing the right temperature for each room is essential for setting the right mood. Temperature is determined, as you might suspect, in terms of warm and cold. Cold lighting has a blue tone to it that creates a more stark, sterile lighting environment. This is ideal for the bathroom and kitchen. Warm lighting has a yellow tone to it that is gentler and more inviting. This is great for your living room, dining room, and bedroom. When buying new LED bulbs it’s important to check the box to see which temperature you’re buying. For warmer, cozier lighting choose LED bulbs labeled “Warm White”. For colder, clearer lighting choose LED bulbs labeled “Daylight” (yes, daylight surprisingly registers as blue light on the spectrum). And for a good middle ground between the two you can choose LED bulbs labeled “Cool White”. For more info on this EXTREMELY IMPORTANT subject check out this blog. For vintage style Edison bulbs you generally don’t have to worry about temperature – Edison bulbs are almost always warm in tone.

three lightbulbs in different color ranges

Let Your Lamps Speak For Themselves

Smart Homes. Web 2.0. The Internet of Things. Ever heard these phrases? Essentially they all mean the same thing – that more and more individual items in our homes will be connected to a network. But rather than making our homes look like an episode of “Black Mirror”, why not introduce good-looking home decor items that have these advanced features hidden within? Introducing speaker lamps! These lamps have built-in Bluetooth speakers that are ready to connect to your Smart Home network or directly to your phone, tablet, or computer. Simply connect to the lamp and you can create a sonic environment in any room in your home. Without the need for another device crowding your table tops. It’s a sleek and simple way to bring music, podcasts, and radio to any room in your house.

Find The Light Of Your Life

We love lamp. That’s why we’ve added tons of brand new lamps to the site! We have our favorites (*cough* the Bardot *cough*), but which ones will you pick? Check them out on our Lighting page!

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