Is it narcissistic to say how much we love mirrors? Probably. But the truth is that mirrors are an incredible tool in the interior design toolkit. And they’re also one of those tools that most people don’t know how to use. Mirrors open up a room, add light, and make it much easier for you to take a selfie that shows off your entire space. Check out these great tips for how to decorate your space with mirrors!

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Lighten Up Your Room

Mirrors reflect light. That’s their main purpose – and they’re very good at it! Use this to your advantage. If your space feels a little dark or isn’t getting a ton of natural light then a mirror might be exactly what you need. Adding a mirror across from a window will essentially double the amount of natural light in a room. You can also place mirrors near lamps to help direct the light throughout your space. The more reflective surfaces you have in a room the more light you’ll have bouncing around. And that’s a good thing.

Open Up Your Space

Cramped space? A mirror is the perfect way to open it up! You’re never going to trick someone into thinking your space is twice as big by using mirrors. But your space will feel bigger if you add mirrors. And when you’re living in a small situation then every little bit counts. Try placing a mirror at the end of a hallway, across from your front door, and throughout your living room. Try a full-length mirror placed on the floor for a modern look! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much more breathing room you seem to have.

Saxon Sofa | Amun Mirror

Use Mirrors As Art

Choose the proper mirror and you not only get all the aforementioned benefits, but you also get a piece of art! Try creating a focal point around your mirror by placing it in a prominent area. For instance, placing a mirror above (or on) a mantel will really pull together any fireplace decor you’ve established. Have an open bookcase or display case? Place a mirror on the wall behind the open shelves to make it look like you have twice as many cool books and knick knacks! There’s a reason those vintage curio cabinets are lined with mirrors, y’know. Find a mirror with a great frame or unique shape and you’ll end up with a great piece of art, too.

Elisha Mirror

Hang Your Mirror Securely

Mirrors are substantial pieces of decor. And if they break then you get 7 years of bad luck. So it’s essential that you hang them properly on your wall. It’s highly recommended that you hang your mirror from a wall stud. Studs are generally spaced 24 inches apart across the length of your wall. If possible, use screws instead of nails to really secure your mirror to the wall. No studs? Use anchors in your plaster or dry-wall to keep things secure.

The More Mirrors The Merrier

Don’t stop at just one mirror! Gallery walls are one of the best ways to decorate your space and it’s always advised to use at least one mirror in the process. It can be a really fun and unique look to use multiple mirrors in your gallery wall or throughout your apartment. Try placing them at different heights, choosing mirrors with different frames, and experimenting with shape to maximize your mirror motif.

Canterbury Mirror | Duke Mirror | Lamar Mirror | Tiffany Mirror

Find Your Favorite!

Did we mention that we love mirrors? That’s why we have tons of options to choose from! Find your new favorite mirror by shopping our full collection of mirrors!

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