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You’ve heard of Coachella, surely, the hottest music festival in America. But now we’re pleased to announce COUCHELLA 2020, the hottest TV binge-watching festival coming at you live from your own living room, because that’s where all the action is happening now…not in the Coachella Valley (at least not until October…maybe). No wrist band, no problem…no one is there anyway! All you need is a sofa, a subscription to a TV streaming service, your jammies, and all the quarantine snacky snacks you have in your house. Get ready for a transformative experience like no other. Couchella 2020. Starts. Now.

An Unforgettable Lineup

Each day of Couchella will feature an unforgettable headlining sofa supported by all of the best TV shows to binge-watch while sitting on it. Because where else do you have to go right now? With a lineup this good, you won’t have to think about a single thing. Grab your favorite couch cushion and get busy watching an ungodly amount of TV.

Friday – Delilah & The Velvets

We’ve assembled the three best sofas to headline each day of Couchella. The festival kicks off with Delilah & The Velvets. This sofa has a huge range and is backed by a luscious collection of plush velvet fabrics. Sophisticated styling and clean lines define this dynamic davenport. Get ready for a day of binge-watching period pieces, high profile dramas, premium reality TV, and good-natured comedies.

Saturday – DJ BRËNTWøøD

Hope you’re hydrated because DJ BRËNTWøøD is in the Sahara Tent all day Saturday. And by “Sahara Tent,” we definitely mean your living room. This buttoned-up sofa draws a big crowd—and has room for all of them to sit. You won’t want to miss it when DJ BRËNTWøøD lets the base drop. The solid wood base, that is. Binge your favorite Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and premium cable shows with DJ BRËNTWøøD.

Sunday – Harper The Queen

We saved the best for last. Sunday’s headliner is one you won’t want to miss. She’s the diva of the divan. The queen of queen-sized sleepers. And the queen regent of regency style. She’s Harper The Queen! Enjoy some of the best television shows ever made with the Harper: Mad Men, The Sopranos, The Wire, The Office, Seinfeld, and many more. After a weekend full of binging TV classics old and new, you’re going to be ready for a good night’s sleep. And the Harper has you covered with a built-in queen-sized sleeper. Divine.

Binge-Watching Checklist

  • A sofa
  • Snacks
  • Loungewear
  • Batteries for your remote
  • Subscriptions to streaming services – Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Go
  • More snacks
  • A TV – the bigger the better
  • A high-speed Internet connection
  • A microwave for nachos
  • Pillows, throws, and any other comfy accessories
  • A smartphone with Instagram so you can tag yourself in all your Couchella pics. @apt2b #couchella2B

Couchella is sponsored by Couchmates*

*Couchmates is not a real thing and has no affiliation with Postmates. All of this is a joke. Well, our sofas are not a joke. They’re serious…seriously comfortable. 


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