It’s October. And what are the two colors that you immediately think of when it comes to October? That’s right – pink and pewter! We at Apt2B love Halloween as much as the next design brand, but this year we’ve decided to leave the orange to the pumpkins. Find out why pink and pewter make up our Apt2B Color Combo of the Month!


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There’s no better way to show your support for the cause and show off your style than by embracing the color pink. This is a color that is often overlooked in the interior design world because it can be deemed “too bold”. Since when has boldness been a bad thing? Pink is a stunning color that can really bring life to a space. Pink also comes in a variety of shades that can set a calming, serene mood. In fact, Rose Quartz was recently one of Pantone’s Colors of the Year. In the western world, pink is associated with charm, politeness, sweetness, and romance. What more could you ask for from a color?

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Pewter is a metal that has been in use since the time of the Egyptians. Metal-workers prized it for its malleable qualities. And malleability is a quality that designers love. That’s because pewter can work well in a variety of settings and styles. It has the dark, contrasting nature of black with the light, airy quality of gray. Pewter is the Goldilocks of dark tones. Not too dark. Not too light. It’s just right. Pewter makes for a great foundational base for your room’s style. Use pewter for your larger furniture pieces and then build up from there. Pewter is used in many types of decorative items, too, which means that you can incorporate pewter into your smaller accents, too.

Pewter is the Goldilocks of dark tones.

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Pink and Pewter

Pewter and pink are gorgeous colors on their own, but the combination of these colors really brings out their best qualities. Pink can start to seem a bit too saccharine if it’s not grounded by a color like pewter. Conversely, pewter can start to feel too heavy if it’s not lightened with vivid pops of a color like pink. Use this contrast to your advantage when planning your space! Pink toss pillows, pink throw blankets, and pink accents look incredible when paired with a pewter sofa. Pewter also looks very dramatic as a wall color. Place pink art on a pewter wall and you’ll start to understand why these two colors work so well together.

Vintage Meets Contemporary

Pink and pewter have a special relationship. Their pairing can either be used to create a space with an antique, posh, or even hygge mood or an ultra-chic, contemporary feel. Want to feel like you’re living in the palace at Versailles? Use blush tones and light pewter notes to revive this royal look. Want to feel more like modern Hollywood royalty? Then feature brighter shades of pink and darker contrasts of pewter. This will create a truly eye-catching look. With pink and pewter you can’t go wrong.

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