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When decorating your home or apartment, you don't want spaces to look completely neutral, but you don't necessarily want to pile on the brightness so much that you need sunglasses indoors. Pink and pewter is a popular color combination for furniture, apparel and other areas of fashion in part because it balances a space so well. Both girls and guys - yes, guys love pink too - appreciate how a pink sofa or ottoman can add the perfect pop and stand out against an otherwise reserved theme. Likewise, a gray bed or rug can tone things down a bit in a frenzied space and keep things from feeling as out of control as high school social life.

At Apt2B, you can find a variety of gray and pink furniture for sale to either turn up the excitement at your home or dial it back juuuuust a little bit. Put together your own pink furniture sets or mix and match to your heart's content. You'll find dark gray sectionals, pink poufs, gray shag rugs, credenzas and other options to nail the perfect combination of calm and excitement. Looking for something that goes with a gray sofa? Set a pink stool next to it or toss on a fuchsia throw pillow. If you've already got a pink side table, add a gray desk lamp for contrast. 

We love furniture and decorating, and our staff is here to help you select some awesome pink and gray items for your home. If you're wondering how to decorate with pink, are struggling to pick out just the right pouf, or want to inquire about one of our gray furniture sets because you need some serenity (or maybe you have pink walls), just call or email our world-class customer service. Everything at Apt2B comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and most of our furniture has free nationwide delivery, so what are you waiting for? Spice up a single room or remake your entire home with our high-value pink and gray furniture and décor combination. Show More