File this one away under “Apt2BKind.” Or maybe under “Ugly Cry Warning.” (Both? Yeah, def both.) If you aren’t watching Returning the Favor, a Facebook Watch series hosted by Mike Rowe of “Dirty Jobs” fame, you’re missing out on some serious warm and fuzzy feels. Quick show premise intro: Rowe, with his friends in tow, celebrate the good being done by one person or group per episode, then bait and switch them by, well, “returning the favor”…good people helping other good people do good things. We’re in.

We were thrilled to be part of the below episode (click to watch the video!), where we donated furniture to the heart-warmingly philanthropic efforts of Tiani Shoemaker Clyde, a formerly single mother of South Jordan, Utah, who goes out of her way to ease the burdens of other single-parent families by surprising them with “little miracles” (her organization’s namesake, rightfully so).

Miracle For Moms

In South Jordan, Utah, Mike and the crew return the favor to Tiani Shoemaker Clyde, a formerly single mother easing the burdens of other single parent families by surprising them with “little miracles

Posted by Returning The Favor on Friday, February 14, 2020


Def be sure to watch the full episode ☝, but pay particularly close attention just after the 24-minute mark…it’s our time in the spotlight. We were happy to help the RtF team give back to those who seriously deserve it.

To learn more about Little Miracles, including how to help, head to their site, and be sure to tune in to more Returning The Favor episodes on Facebook to show your support for compassionate media like this. ???

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