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Get the restful sleep you deserve with a twin mattress from Apt2B. These mattresses are a great choice for a wide variety of sleeping solutions, including kids’ rooms and guest rooms. The slim size of a twin mattresses can be especially practical for apartments and tiny houses where space is limited. And thanks to our great selection of mattress types and firmness levels, you’re sure to find a great fit for your personal sleep preferences when you shop on our site. Learn more about our twin mattress options to find the best spot to sleep in your home.

The Perfect Mattress for You

Everyone has unique preferences when it comes to mattress styles. Perhaps you’re the type that likes a firm, supportive mattress that helps to alleviate back pain or stiffness. Maybe you like the super-soft and cozy feeling of a plush pillow-top mattress that cradles your body while you slumber. Medium mattresses offer a middle ground between the firm and plush options, which can be a good way to resolve disputes between couples who prefer different styles of mattresses.

Wherever your fall on the firmness scale when it comes to mattresses, we’ve got you covered at Apt2B. Our collection of twin mattress styles includes plush, medium and firm mattresses to suit your sleep needs. If you’re purchasing a mattress for a guest room, we suggest medium twin mattresses that offers a nice balance to better suit the various visitors who might stay over at your home.

Twin-Size Solutions

A twin-size mattress is a wonderful option for apartment living as well as for those who live in smaller homes. Turn an office into a second bedroom with a space-saving twin bed conveniently kept along one wall. Use twin mattresses on bunk beds to double up on sleeping spots for kids without taking up more floor space. Use a twin mattress for a rollaway cot or trundle bed to provide a great way to keep visitors comfortable during an overnight stay.

Check out our complete collection of twin mattresses at Apt2B to discover great features like wrapped coil systems, CoolTOUCH GEL Memory Foam, plush pillow tops and more.

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