Jackson Heights Apartment Size Sofa :: Leg Finish: Pecan / Size: Apartment Size - 68

Jackson Heights Apartment Size Sofa

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Finding the right sofa for your space is easy when you shop for 60- to 69-inch couches at Apt2B. Our selection includes these space-saving sofas that are completely comfortable and unbelievably stylish. When you need an inviting spot to relax but you’re working with limited floor space, these couches are here to save the day. You can even find 60-inch sofas that instantly transform any living room into a cozy guest room. If you’re on the hunt for furniture that’s sized just right for your home, check out these small sofas from Apt2B.

Create a Custom Sofa Setup

Need a couch that fits your style and your space? These couches that measures 69 inches long or less are just right for you. When it comes to style, we have just about every type of look you might want. You can go for an all-out minimalist look with sleek lines and smooth surfaces. For a more traditional look, we have sofas with classic touches like ornate wooden legs and tufted back cushions. When you want to pack lots of style into a compact piece of furniture, go with one of our plush 60-inch sofas featuring luxurious velvet fabric in a bold hue. With so many space-saving sizes, beautiful colors, fabulous features and comfortable fabrics from which to choose, you can get a sofa style that’s perfectly tailored to your tastes when you browse through our virtual furniture store.

Sofas for Every Space

Smaller couches like these aren’t just for apartment living, though they’re naturally a great fit for renters and condo owners. In addition to outfitting a living room that’s lacking in extra square footage, you can also use one of these styles to upgrade other rooms in your home. Why not add a charming 5-foot sofa to your bedroom or home office? Perhaps you’d like a 65-inch sofa in the den to provide extra space for overnight guests. We’ve put all these 60- to 69-inch couches in one convenient collection so you can easily find the best fit for any space. Shop at Apt2B today to get high-quality furniture and stunning styles at prices you can afford.

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