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Get a simple and sophisticated sofa for your home when you shop online at Apt2B. We have the best selection of affordable couches for every kind of space. So whether you’re living large in a mansion or getting cozy in your condo (or something in between), we’ll help you create a space that looks stunning and stylish without going over budget. This particular collection includes 120- to 129-inch-long sofas, which have a slightly larger size that’s great for entertaining or just for stretching out after a long day. If you’re ready to upgrade your space, shop for a high-quality couch with style to spare at Apt2B.

Sized for Your Space

Our 120-inch sofas to 129-inch sofas are great for renters and homeowners alike. This is a longer sofa length, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need a huge house in order to have one. If you do happen to have a large, open space, such as a big living room with high ceilings, a spacious 129-inch sofa can be a great statement piece for the room. But if you’re working with a slightly smaller space, this sofa size range might also be a good fit.

For example, in a more compact family room, you may actually prefer a 120-inch sofa over a couch and chair set that feels more cramped in the space. Position the sofa in a corner and – voila! – you’ve got plenty of seating without taking up all the floor space. And just think of how great it will feel to sprawl out on that long sofa for movie night.

Select Your Style

Our collection of couches is made to please the modern homeowner or renter who wants their living space to reflect their personal style. That’s why you’ll find plenty of contemporary and minimalist features among our sofas. From simple track arms to tapered legs to cozy cushions, our sofa features hit all the must-haves on your checklist. Put your personal stamp on your home by choosing from this collection of couches measuring 120 to 129 inches long from Apt2B.

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