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Andre the Giant coming for a visit? You’ll be more than prepared for his arrival with one of these 7-foot sectional sofas or sleepers. The sleepers and sectionals in the collection actually range from 80 to 89 inches, so you’ll want at least the 84-inch sectional sofa to ensure dear Andre is comfy.

This size range is actually one of the most popular, with 84 inches as the standard size for a standard couch. As you may have noticed while glancing at our furniture, however, is that Apt2B is anything but standard.

Our sleeper sofas and sectionals are at your service in a fanciful array of different styles, colors and designs, each with a distinct and lovable personality. Choose from a variety of comfy cushion styles, classic profiles and totally contemporary shapes.

Opt for a straight-up sleeper sofa to keep it simple, or go for a sleeper sectional, which we happen to hail as the superhero of the sleeper world. Different sectionals have different configurations, allowing you to pick and choose the perfect layout for transforming that ho-hum room into a cozy haven – that comes complete with a place to sleep.

Regardless of the one you choose, you’ll enjoy a couch by day and a delightful fold-out bed by night. Some even come with your choice of mattress, either a deluxe innerspring mattress or a memory foam mattress. Just one more Apt2B is designed to align with your needs.

And we’re not done yet. Our 80 to 89 inch sleeper sofas and sectionals are made in the USA. Proudly, we might add. And even at this generous size, you get free in-home delivery. Hassle-free returns are one more perk, although we must admit it’s not one that’s used all that often. Once Apt2B couches enter the home, most folks are giddy for them to stay.

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