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Remember those old-school sleeper sofas best known for bulkiness and discomfort? These aren’t those. The collection of 70- to 79-inch sleepers and sofas from Apt2B bring you the same great bed-in-a-couch idea, but with equally great results.

Instead of a bulky, uncomfortable couch, you get a comfy place to nap or sit. In lieu of the paper-thin sleeper mattress that makes lying on concrete sound appealing, you get a restful nest for a sweet night’s sleep.

And we didn’t even get to the design yet. As with all the furniture from Apt2B, you’ll enjoy a retro vibe available in an amazing array of fabrics, styles and colors to suit your décor or mood of the day. Whether you’re into reds, blues, greens or whites, we have it. And we add another layer of fun by giving our colors much more creative names.

You’ll notice this collection of sleepers and sectionals have been sought out for their size. Here’s where you’ll find 70 inch sleeper sofas, 72 inch sleeper sofas and 76 inch sleeper sofas. Translate the dimensions into feet, and you’re looking in the range of the 6-foot sleeper sofa or 6 foot sectional sofa.

You’ll see some of these sleepers referred to as “apartment size,” although you don’t have to limit their use to apartments only. “Apartment size” just means they have relatively compact measurements – especially when compared to our gargantuan collection – and a size that can fit in a wider scope of areas. Try them out in your den or home office for out-of-town guests. Or add one to a kid’s room so sleepovers with pals are both comfortable and fun.

Add even more fun to the mix with the fact that our 70 to 79 inch sleeper sofas and sectionals are made in the USA, in Los Angeles, to be exact. You also get free in-home delivery and hassle-free returns. All that with a comfy couch and bed, too boot. You’re looking at a good night’s sleep no matter what if you go for one of these Apt2B sleepers or sectionals.

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