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Good things come in sets of 10. Crabs have 10 legs. Bowling uses 10 pins. We have 10 fingers and toes. And some of the most amazing sleeper sofas and sectionals are 10 feet long. Not only do these long and luxurious babies exist, but you can get them right here at Apt2B.

These aren’t your average sleeper sofas or sectionals, either. In addition to the generous amount of room the 120 to 129 inch sleeper sofas and sectionals provide, they also bring on the delectable comfort you’d expect from truly modern furniture. These aren’t the bulky sleeper sofas of yesterday, which made it hard to sit, let alone sleep.

Apt2B sleepers and sectionals are high-quality pieces that provide optimum style and comfort to any room they grace. You even get your choice of mattress in many of the styles: opt for a deluxe innerspring mattress or memory foam mattress to best mesh with your style.

Your style is also evident with the color, design and other details you choose. Apt2B couches are all well-known for their modern vibe, and each has a distinct personality that adds even more charm to your home. Keep it super simple with streamlined styles. Choose tufted cushions for a dash of detail. Opt for a low-rise profile for a sensationally midcentury look. The choices abound with our 120 inch sectional sofas and sleepers.

Whatever style or color you select, you’re making a fabulous choice with Apt2B. Our sleeper sofas and sectionals are made to order in the USA, Los Angeles to be exact. They’re crafted using high-quality fabrics and solid wood frames, with a lifetime guarantee on the frame and workmanship.

You can also take a test drive of the fabrics by ordering free swatches to compare and contrast with your existing décor. Or just to get a feel. A few additional perks include free in-home delivery, as well as hassle-free returns. Browse our collection of 10 foot sectional sofas and sectionals today. Show More