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The American chaise lounge chairs derive from the French chaise longue, which literally means "long chair" (bet you never would have guessed that). Popularized in the 18th century, the chaise lounge is believed to date back as far as ancient Egypt. At that time, it was a merging of a daybed and a chair - a great invention, right? Archeologists found it in 1st dynasty tombs. If you're looking to unwind big time in your tomb, we highly suggest one of these modern day nods to old-world leisure. Remember leisure? That's what you do in those precious few moments when you're not running around like a crazy person! So yes, take a deep breath and sink into a glorious chaise lounge chair, dreaming of distant lands and ancient dynasties.

Sorry, got a little carried away there. Apt2B honors the history of chaise lounge chairs, and you'll find this marvelous piece of furniture stretching out in our reversible chaise sofas and in many of our 2-piece and 3-piece sectional sofas. Our chaise lounge combos that offer you a choice of colors are made in Los Angeles, California from locally sourced, sustainable materials. Features include solid wood frames, high density seat cushions and breathable, hypo-allergenic fabrics. We're so certain that you'll love our custom upholstered sofas that we include a lifetime guarantee on the frames and workmanship. 

To help you in your redecorating and design projects (and to help make your life less stressful), we're happy to answer any questions you have about our products. If you'd like to test a particular color in your living environment, ask for a free fabric swatch! When you order your exquisitely designed piece of furniture, we'll ship it free with in-home threshold delivery. Time to take a power nap! Show More