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Can't make up your mind? Or maybe you don't like having to constantly move sofas, chairs and tables around when you're lounging and watching TV, catching up on that spy novel or entertaining guests. That's the beauty of modular sofas. Rather than moving the entire sofa you can just reposition the different modules or change a cushion for a different design. Think of modern modular sofa furniture as sofas with multiple personalities.

A sectional sofa, typically 2 or 3 pieces, expands the traditional sofa into an L-shape, U-shape or semi-circle. It might combine a sofa with a chaise lounge or a sofa and a 1-armed loveseat. When purchasing a sectional for a living room or den, you must make sure that it will fit. The biggest advantage of using a modular sofa is that if it doesn't quite fit right, you can change it!

Modular sofas are like those friends of yours who are always changing their hairstyle when you least expect it, or the partner who loves adventure films one day and the next day is collecting miniature horse figurines. What might be disconcerting in people is a huge bonus in a sofa! At Apt2B, we love having options. Our reversible chaise sofas let you easily switch the chaise lounge portion to whichever side suits your purpose or your mood on any particular day. Switch it up and surprise your pets (or your roommates). You can find them in contemporary styles or with a touch of the traditional, boasting features like rolled arms, arched back and tapered wood legs.

If you're really wild and crazy and like to have everything in your space moving and changing all the time, check out our 5-piece sofa sets. With these truly modular sofas, you can put it all together for a cozy group conversation or split them all up into separate corners of the room for romantic loveseats and individual seats for those who just want to zone out in private. You can also go for an in-between look, if you're feeling social but not that social. Show More