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You’ve heard all the excuses. “But, leather’s so expensive!” or “What if I spill something?” Or, in certain circles, “Isn’t black leather furniture kind of gauche?” Still, that brown leather sofa or tan leather loveseat seems to have your name figuratively written all over it, and it’s sized perfectly for your apartment or first home. Why not take the plunge?

Apt2B’s known for the value our furniture offers, pound for pound, and the same notion applies to anything leather. Truly, you can search and search, and won’t come around a better deal. With our leather pieces, quality’s practically oozing out of its pores: It’s so sharp and versatile, you can just sense its status on the surface. All chairs, ottomans and sofas start with supple, soft and top-grain hides — the kinds that look good now and will still be that way in a year, no cracking or creasing like that dodgy secondhand leather jacket you bought in college.

Yet, you know by now that looks are just part of the picture. Like people, leather furniture needs to have a purpose and personality. Ours aces the practical factor with clean lines and straightforward designs occasionally equipped with storage features. As well, quality, supportive upholstery fortifies their style, giving you a comfortable place to sit and chill whenever you’re back at home — so much so that you won’t feel guilty for that stay-in binge-watch session.

We back it all with American-made construction — in Los Angeles, to be exact — and a choice of finishes and colors, ensuring a smaller carbon footprint and a sturdy piece that’ll last you through plenty of life stages.

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