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If royalty is your inspiration for decorating your home, one of our favorite "regal" pairings is ultra violet and gold. Purple is a hue that is closely associated with royalty, nobility, luxury and ambition, while gold is the color of prosperity, grandeur, wealth and achievement (think Olympic gold medals). It is no wonder that when these two colors are joined together in a room, the effect is captivating. Another reason why these two pairings work so well is that purple (or violet) and yellow (or gold) are direct opposites on the color wheel. Anyone familiar with the color theory knows that opposites are complementary to one another.

Whether you are looking to decorate one room in your home using this color scheme or plan on carrying the theme throughout your entire home, we have all the violet and gold furniture pieces and accessories you need. We even have violet and gold paint so you can create the perfect canvas starting with your walls. Some of our favorite ways to make these hues shine is creating a purple focal wall in your bedroom and accenting the room with a palette of cream and gold details, including lamps, a bench and plenty of throw pillows. Complete the look with a violet throw at the end of the bed and a cozy violet pouf as a final touch. Create a living room fit for a queen starting with a soothing white and gold design, including glass and gold side tables, a white and gold round ottoman and a sleek sectional in gold fabric. Fill the room with lots of violet touches in the form of lamps, throw pillows and artwork.

Furniture and decorating is our passion, and our staff is here to help you select the gold and violet pieces that will transform your home into your idyllic and majestic retreat. Call or email our world-class customer service for decorating suggestions and questions on any of our furnishings. Everything at Apt2B comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and all of our furniture and accessories ship free - nationwide! Show More