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Even when you live in the middle of a big city, there’s something to be said for that down-home country tone. Chestnut and sienna is one of the best interior design color combinations to capture that sense of peace and simplicity. The calming reddish-brown and energizing burnt orange shades are straight out of nature, bringing to mind everything from a forest of redwoods to the setting sun. (And it’s okay to call them “brown” and “orange” if the regular names are a mouthful.) They’re great fall colors as well and will bring foliage to mind for anyone who’s seen the northern maples in October.

You’ll practically be able to feel the fresh air in your lungs with this modern color trend. Our chestnut and sienna furniture can be used to accent a room or as the main theme. A sienna reversible chaise sofa will be a fine centerpiece in a large den, and an area rug is another good way to center the space. You might even just paint the walls with Colorhouse paint to set the mood. If you’re going for a lighter touch, autumn lounge chairs, side chairs, poofs and toss pillow are cozy ways to put these shades to use. Smaller pieces such as table lamps, magazine stands and garden stools will fit right in as well.

Apt2B is home to the hottest design colors right now as well as the highest-quality furnishings. With our Color Combinations of the Month, you get the inside scoop on the best looks and a guide to what will help you achieve that look. Transform your city loft or apartment into a country-inspired space with this sienna and chestnut modern décor. If you already live in the country, they’ll work the other way and add a bit of contemporary style to a rustic home. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your order — after all, what kind of furniture store would want you to be unhappy?

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