Palisades 3pc Sectional Sofa :: Leg Finish: Pecan
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Palisades 3pc Sectional Sofa

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Behold the modern armless sofa! A rather curious creature, yet warm and inviting once you get better acquainted. Sounds like anyone you know? Perhaps it's just a matter of space. You may have trouble fitting anything other than a lowly futon into your studio apartment, but you're more sophisticated and chic than that. Our solution? An armless couch. But don't let it hear you calling it that, as you wouldn't want to offend. These are stylish artistic creations that you can plunk yourself down on and they will lovingly support you. If you have a small nook in a larger room that cries out for a couple engaged in an intimate moment or a lively debate, then it might be a prime candidate for one of these armless sofas.

Most Apt2B sofas are made right in Los Angeles from sustainable, locally sourced materials, using eco-friendly construction and hypo-allergenic fabrics. We use high density foam for the cushions for amazing comfort and support and solid wood frames. You'll even find models that are uber-eco-friendly. Choose from different colors to match your existing furniture, carpet and curtains for a custom piece. You'll discover bold styles that range from transitional to modern to futuristic. Our online interior designer will even recommend coordinating colors and other pieces to complement the style and color you've chosen. As our team at Apt2B has many years of furniture design expertise, they're happy to pass it forward and help you with your designing and remodeling projects.

Just remember, armless is not the same as soulless. These 'sans-arms' sofas have a lot of personality to bring a bold and fresh new look to your living environment. Show More