Dads can be stoic, reserved, and modest. They might grumble and groan when presented with a gift. They’ll say it’s too much or that it isn’t necessary. Sound like someone you know? But the truth is that dads love recognition for their heroic roles in the family, whether they know how to express it or not. So don’t be afraid to pamper the super dad in your life with a gift you know they’ll love! We’ve created the ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide so that you can find all the best decor for dads in one place.

room with woman, child on sofa, man standing holding a baby

Taylor Plush Modular Sectional in Cream and Mountain Grey with Espresso Base

Seating Fit For a King

They might not be staking their claim to the Iron Throne, but all dads desire a seat fit for a king. The entire concept of the man cave hinges on the idea of a man ruling over his personal kingdom. A great chair is the key piece of furniture in this situation. Whether your father is a passionate sports fanatic, an avid reader, or the king of naps, we have the accent chairs he craves. Our Aubrey Lounge Chair is made from buttery top-grain leather and it’s a great spot for reading or armchair-quarterbacking. Our Ryder Accent Chair works as well in the man cave as it does in the living room. It also features two wooden armrests that are the perfect size for a beer, cocktail, or cup of coffee.

brown chair next to a wooden side table and painting all on a rug

Aubrey Lounge Chair | Chain Link Area Rug | Ludgate Side Table | Stockholm IV by Honeymoon Hotel

For The Wall

Instead of mounting a buck’s head on the wall, we have some tremendous Father’s Day gift ideas that are a little more suited to the entire family. If your dad, husband, or partner, is anything like the dads in our lives, then he wears a lot of hats (both proverbially and literally). Give him a cool spot to hang all those caps with our Quiver Wall Rack! For the writerly father figure, check out the Bluebird Wall Sculpture. It represents the knowledge and power of the quill – plus it just looks really cool! Is your father’s beard game strong? Give him the Elliott Mirror, which makes for a perfect individual-sized shaving and beard grooming mirror. And don’t forget the simple pleasure of a nice piece of art. We have tons of Made in the USA, gallery-wrapped canvas prints to choose from!

Flipping Out Clock by Cloudnola GREY/COPPER | Zaiden Bookends | Oberst Speaker Lamp | Quiver Wall Rack

The Only Shade He Deserves

Sure, you might be the light of your father’s life, but the man still might need some new lamps! Instead of throwing shade at your dad, throw some light at him instead. We have a huge, curated collection of lamps that your father is sure to love. We even have a set of speaker lamps that can easily connect to a phone or smart home system via Bluetooth. Take a look and see how you can brighten your dad’s day with a nice new lamp!

two lamps

LaRousse Desk Lamp | Bardot Table Lamp STERLING/SMOKE

Shop The Father’s Day Gift Guide

Still not sure how to shop for pop? Take a look at our entire Father’s Day Gift Guide and get inspired! And we won’t tell anyone if you score something for yourself, too. Most importantly, we hope that you and your father, husband, partner, or father figures all have a wonderful and joyous time together this year!


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